Toyota Oil Sludge

You have my personal commitment that Toyota will work vigorously and unceasingly to restore the trust of our customers. - Akio Toyoda

The first car I ever owned was a red 1978 Toyota Corolla. This was my high-school car, my first love. When I met my wife, she was driving a Toyota Corolla.

But I guess my story is common. Toyota driving boy meets Toyota driving girl. They fall in love, get married, and procreate. Really procreate. And soon outgrow the Corolla line of cars. With the birth of our fourth child, we went searching for a vehicle that will fit our ever expanding family. There was really only one choice, the Toyota Sienna. We wanted a safe and reliable vehicle for our ever expanding family.

We were shocked to learn the car is developing oil sludge, and lots of it. So much sludge the engine is basically ruined and requires $9,000 in repairs. How can this happen? The car has been meticulously maintained. Are we just unlucky? I started researching solutions and was shocked to find the 1,000's of complaints concerning engine sludge. That evening I registered to inform the public of this problem. will become a clearing house of news and information concerning the Toyota oil sludge problem. I will be documenting my fight to have Toyota make their product right and give an outlet for other to do the same. We will use this site to collect stories of how others were hurt by this engineering defect. We will join together contacting every media outlet in the county to make sure they know unexpected acceleration is not the only issue with Toyota products. In a nutshell, we will join together an fight until Toyota fixes our vehicles.

How can you help?

Fill out a victim report
By filling out a victim report you will help us collect data as to the extent of the problem. No longer will we be told this is a "rare" occurrence because of customer neglect.

Share your knowledge
Request a blog and document your experiences. We will be far more effective if we work together. Through sharing of information we will find out what works,and what does not.

Volunteer to help
Willing to write your congressman, senator or state representative? I am currently working on Capital Hill and can help you get started.

On Akio Toyoda promised to restore the faith and trust of the American people towards Toyota. Let's see if his words hold true.